Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a function of a company’s strategy and values. It grows out of and is dependent on the company’s operations and goals.
Corporate culture varies considerably from one company to another. Nothing says that one type of corporate culture is better than another; rather, the differences depend, to a great extent, on a company’s strategy, values, history and operations.

This does not mean that corporate culture is unimportant. On the contrary, the difference between success and failure often rests on the fact that a corporate culture exists, which means the employees embrace company values, understand its goals and steadfastly strive to achieve them.

It is possible to work systematically with corporate culture. In many cases, we have done so with large-scale acquisitions and mergers but also as part of strategic reviews or individual projects. From our experience, the amazing results achieved by creating a corporate culture that promotes strategy, goals and values can be quite an exciting experience.

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