Success Stories


Our assignments range from strategic overviews for major groups, to long term implementation of projects, including providing chief executive or divisional management services on a contract basis. We normally begin an assignment by asking: “What do you want to achieve? What are your aspirations?” Once these have been established, we work closely with you through to implementation, including any appropriate acquisitions or divestments. We assume full responsibility for analysis, implementation and follow-up activities.

Flying Comments

All consultants employed by Lagerkvist & Partners are bound to respect professional secrecy and comply with a high code of professional ethics. Each consultant has signed an obligation to observe silence as well as Lagerkvist & Partners’ Code of Conduct, which stipulates the professional and ethical rules adopted by the company. Sometimes, however, clients publish statements about us. We hereby have given an excerpt from a few of our clients.

Björn Savén, CEO Industri Kapital

On Lagerkvist & Partners assistance to buy Pieters in Belgium:Björn Saven

“I don’t think we would have found the company if Lagerkvist & Partners had not put us on to it.”

“I think it would have been difficult to close the deal if Lagerkvist & Partners had not helped to oil the machinery at strategic moments and influence the tactical situation.”

“Sometimes it’s just this kind of help, that helps you climb the hill and make a deal.”

Melker Schörling, former CEO Skanska

Lagerkvist & Partners assistance to acquire Haka (by then the biggest construction company) in Finland:Melker Schörling

“We are surely thankful to Lagerkvist & Partners for trying to contact us. We are so far very pleased with the development. It would probably not have been possible (to close the deal) if the consultant had not functioned as management counselor.”

Roland Nilsson, former CEO Scandic Hotels and former President Nordic Shoes & Accessories

On the acquisition of Reso Hotel Group:Roland Nilsson

“We decided to let Lagerkvist & Partners do the work with Reso. It was great to see what a richly detailed picture the consultants were able to provide. We decided to let Lagerkvist & Partners be the advanced card and manage the initial negotiations. The outcome has been beyond our highest expectations.”

Lars Östman, professor, Stockholm School of Economics, in the book Procordia, from Statsföretag to Pharmacia:

“The fusion between Kabi and Pharmacia worked out to be the difficult part in the merger process… During the Christmas period Sören Gyll, CEO Procordia, was thinking… Just after Christmas he made a call to Magnus Lagerkvist, who had been the key-person in the initial strategic process five years earlier. He asked Magnus Lagerkvist and his company to participate in the new process. A new company should be created of the old Procordia and the old Pharmacia/Provendor.”

In the Autumn of 1990 Procordia hade the second highest rating on the Stock Exchange in Stockholm.