New Markets/Branding/IT Strategies

New Markets

Lagerkvist & Partners’ establishment in Santiago, Chile (1990), South Africa (1995), China (1996), Croatia (1998) and other parts of central Europe are just a few examples of how we have helped clients enter new markets and supported their efforts. Now we are also established locally on all of the markets where we operate.

Clients often ask these questions:

  • Should we go into a market where we are not yet established?
  • How and when should we go in?
  • Should it happen through organic growth, acquisition, joint ventures or another way?
  • Should we expand in regions and countries where we are already established?

We have worked with these and other questions regarding establishment and expansion on most global markets.

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Branding Strategy

There is a lot of talk about strategies and branding strategies, brand protection and the importance of owning a strong brand. At the same time, the Private Label is taking over the market in many sectors, primarily consumer markets.

We have learned that there are very few consultants who have a big picture of branding strategy, that is, how to manage brands, which strategies to use and whether to build a brand or invest as a subcontractor to Private Label.

These are difficult issues that, above all, demand a total overview so nothing goes wrong in the details. We have carried out many such projects, all with excellent results.

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IT Strategies

Everyone wanted to be part of the IT boom. However, even though the boom is now over, information and communications technology is growing, and will continue to grow, becoming an integrated part of many companies’ operations.

The choice of IT strategy is not primarily a choice of systems solutions but rather a decision that encompasses issues such as what one wants to achieve, which tools are available and how to insure that one does not restrict future options.

A company risks incurring substantial and unnecessary investments if it does not start with these basic strategic questions. Our experience has shown that many business systems have turned out to be wrong or unnecessary investments.

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