Strategic Audit – Second Opinion

At the introduction of a new corporate strategy or when new leadership takes over, a comprehensive overview of existing strategies, what we call a “Strategic Audit”, can be extremely useful.

During a “Strategic Audit”, our consultants examine and evaluate current strategies in a neutral fashion. Subsequently, we present our evaluation as to what we think is good, what is not so good, and what needs to be changed. If we have concluded that you need to start a strategic process, we will advise you on how it should be structured.

Often, a Strategic Audit validates what the company is doing well, which represents an affirmation for its management.

We would be delighted to visit with you and present our ideas on a “Strategic Audit”, one that we have tailored to your company’s operations and markets. There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Click here if you would like us to book a time for a presentation.

Depending on a company’s current state of development, a second opinion on where it is now and on its future direction can be extremely useful. A “Second Opinion”, Lagerkvist & Partners’ new product, builds on two questions: “What are we going to do with our company?” and “What are we going to do with our company in the future, both in the short and long term?”.

We begin with a comprehensive internal and external analysis of the company’s surroundings, and its expectations, past development, strategies and competitors. Eventually, we arrive at a second opinion regarding various threats and opportunities inside and outside of the company, as well as the strengths it must exploit if it is to survive and evolve in the long run.

In addition to the company’s CEO, our “Second Opinion” process generally involves only a handful of individuals, such as the members of the board or only the board chair, and a few management executives.

The entire process is built on an internal and external information-gathering strategy. As consultants, we then match our image of the company with the one it has of itself and with the strategies it has formulated.

For many of these projects, company leadership makes the conscious decision not to provide us with any information so that we may be completely detached from their own perceptions of the company.
Normally, we endorse between 50 and 80 percent of a company’s procedures and operations, whereas in 20 to 50 percent of the cases, we either have less important opinions or very strong ones on what the company is or is not doing.

Confirmation from an external source that the company is on the right track and operating effectively has been shown to be of great value. It strengthens management’s self-confidence and makes it possible for those in charge to “push” a little harder and with more conviction than they would have done before our analysis.

We would welcome the opportunity to make a presentation on the design of “A Second Opinion” for your company. Click here if you would like us to contact you to book an appointment.